Policy on correcting prior operations conducted elsewhere

Surgeries are not guaranteed to work 100% of the time-this is true not jut of cosmetic surgery, but of all surgical procedures. The reasons that a procedure might end in failure incude(but are not limited to)the following;

-The operation was highly demanding.

-The doctor didn’t have the appropriate skills.

-The patient didn’t follow the surgeon’s directions post-surgery.(In the acse of one-day surgeries, the patient’s proper self-maintenance after the procedure is essential.)

-The patient isn’t satisfied with the outcome.

There are also patients who underwent surgery abroad who regret not having propery communicate(or were unable to communicate)what they wanted.

Of these patients who are dissatisfied with their previous proedure, some seek to have it corrected quickly,while for others enough time had passed that they no longer have their surgeons’ directions or their consent form, in which case determining the reason for failure can be difficult.

Whatever problem arises, it is the duty of the doctor in charge to undertake all necessary procedures and corrections. However,according to complaints filed to the National Consumer Affairs Center, commnents online ,an patients who come to me for consultations,there are many cases where these requests for corrections were refused, or where people without appropriate training in plastic surgery take on such correction procedures anyway, leading to more failure and unnecessary pain for all involved. Understanding this , I am always thinking of how to assist such patients.

And so, when starting up this clinic, I decided to welcome patients seeking corrections for past procedures, in an effort to better their quality of life in any way possible. Unfortunately, there are cases where corrections are impossible within the standard procedures of plastic surgery. But I, as plastic surgeon, always endeavor to use every element of my craft to help as many patients as I can.

I will personally attend to patients requiring only a minor corrective procedure by myself. But for patients requiring more thorough examination, we make sure to assign a team of two plastic-surgery specialists who will discuss what treatments are possible.While there are numerous clinics nationwide who promise to undertake corrective procedures, only a small number promise multiple specialists for individual patients.Hopefully, this allows patients to who have spent a long time serching for a specialist to be satisfied.

All charges are out-of-pocket.Should we decide that no procedure is necessary or advisable, we will charge nothing beyond a fee for the initial examination. The aforementioned “monitor discount”(for patients who consent to being used in our promotional materials) applies even for expensive procedures, so please don’t hesitate to come in for a consultation.

In case we are unable to conduct the necessary operations at our own facility, either I can personally undertake the operation at a better-equipped hospital, or I can personally introduce the patiennt to a different surgeon that he/she finds satisfactory.This is something we can promise, due to the relationships and connections that my advisor, a former president of the Japan Society for Plastic and Reonstructive Surgery, and I, a surgeon with 25 years of experience, have built over our careers.

And finally-my objective is not to criticize or pass judgment on other plastic surgeons, but simply to improve patients’ quality of life as quickly as possible.This is my mission as plastic surgeon, and I hope that you visit us for a consultation with that in mind.