4th Floor,Daiichi Miyuki Building

Ginza 5-1-15, Chu0-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN


Nearest station: Yurakucho Station(JR), Ginza Station(Tokyo Metro)

Nearby landmark:Imperial Hotel, Taimei Elementary School,

Tokyo Takarazuka Theater

From Narita Airport

-Take a Ginza-bound airport bus. We are three minutes from the stop at Sukiyabashi Crossing.

-Take a Hibiya(Imperial Hotel)-bound airpot bus. From the Imperial Hotel, walk two minutes along the Miyuki-dori toward Ginza.

-Take the Narita Express to Tokyo Station, then take the Yamanote Line(direction Shinagawa)to Yurakucho.

From Haneda Airport

-Take the Tokyo Monorail to Hamamatucho(final station), then take the Yamanote Line(direction Tokyo Station )to Yurakucho.

-Take a Hibiya(imperial Hotel)-bound airport bus.There is also a Ginza-bound airport bus, but these are not recommended, as they run infrequently.



Walking direction from Yurakucho Station

-Go through on of the three southward exits(Ginza Exit Chuo/Central Exit, Kyobashi Exit).


Turn right, and continue along the pedestrian walkway beneath the train tracks.


-At the end of nthe walkway(Metoropolitan Route 402), turn left and go straight. The Hankyu Department Store should be to your left.


-At the first intersection, continue straight across the crosswalk and turn left.


You should pass the “Ginza 5″shopping mall on your right.


-At the first intersection, turn right onto a single-lane street. A small park should be to your right.



-At the first intersection, turn right-this is the Miyuki-dori.


-On your right is the  Taimei Elementary School. Our building(the Daiichi-Miyuki Building )is just beyond the school:on the ground floor is a pharmacy and at the top is a sign for 日本ジェネリック(”Japan Generic“). Our clinic is on the 4th floor.


Walking directions from Ginza Station

-The Ginza subway station is served by the Ginza, Marunouchi ,and Hibiya Lanes.After going through the turnstiles, head for the C3 exit.


-From there, either take the stairs(which lead to Tokyu Plaza Ginza’s 1st floor),or enter the Tokyu Plaza Ginza through its underground entrance and take the escalator to its first floor.


-An Armani should be across from you.Turn left ,and you should be on the Sotobori-dori(Route405).


-Turn right onto the Sotobori-dori(toward Shimbashi),and walk to the next cross street, where”Me’s Cafe and KITCHEN at METoA Ginza ” should be to your right. Turn right.


-You are now on the Miyuki-dori,Continue straight, past the next cross-street.


-On your right is the Taimei Elementary School. Our building(the Daiichi-Miyuki Building)is just beyond the school;on the ground floor is a pharmacy. Our clinic is on the 4th floor.

-You may end up on the other side of Tokyu Plaza Ginza, on a small road facing a park.


In this case, turn left onto this street. At the first intersection, tur right-this is the Miyuki-dori.Follow the final step from the directions above.