About the Clinic


Our plastic surgery clinic “GINZA SUMIRE NO HANA” opened on December 22, 2014 in Ginza 5chome.  Our policy is,   “humility     in     our     treatment,     honesty     for     our     patients”.     This principle, so often ignored in medical treatments, lies at the center of everything we do.

This clinic offers services in plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, aesthetic dermatology , and dermatology, outofpocket. With regards to general cosmetic surgery, we respect the patient’s decision to undergo surgery for whatever personal reason. Our procedures are firmly grounded in the principles of plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, and physiology.

We also welcome those patients who need to correct any mistakes from past cosmetic procedures. This page serves specifically as the main page for our reconstructie surgery procedures, separate from our home page.

Dr. Yokoyama, a specialist in plastic surgery with over thirty years of experience,is responsible for this clinic’s operations. Acting as an advisor is Dr.Yoshiaki Hosaka, a former president of the Japan Society for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and current president of the Japan Beauty Medical Association, which promotes honesty in plastic surgery.We also consult with specialists from other fields as necessary in order to provide operations of the utmost safety and quality.

This clinic doesn’t devote any resources to marketing; instead, we focus all our efforts into providing the best results. We believe that trust between surgeon and patient is of paramount importance, both for cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. As we offer our services outofpocket, costs will be higher than through medical insurance, but we offer a “monitor discount ” for patients who consent to being used in our promotional materials in TV’s,magazines, medical journals, etc.,so please feel free to come in for a consultation.

Those patients seeking information about other procedures than reconstructive surgery should visit the GINZA SUMIRE NO HANA clinic homepage.

We look forward to your visit.

Dr. Yokoyama, Director


*For the moment we are refraining from putting Before/After photos on our homepage and in advertisements.However, understanding that patients would like toa see the sorts of cases we examine and procedures we provide, we have decided to post Before/After photos on doctor’s blog and on this satelite page.