About the Clinic


Our 3 Missions


A Refined Technique

Our plastic surgeon, officially recognized by the Japan Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, has refined his technique through 30 years of experience.

Safe Materials

We primarily select the patient’s existing tissues; silicon prostheses are available on request. We do not use any experimental materials with uncertain effects.

Natural Results

We make sure to avoid every risk we can. Even those who seek a showy, brilliant finish can be assured that their result will look all-natural.

A Message From Our Director


The plastic surgeon has a special duty: when a patient is unable to overcome a difficulty they’ve had since birth, or when an unforeseen accident leaves them with a wound that they cannot fully recover from, and they feel trapped in this distress, plastic surgery opens a door for them and allows them to walk free.

A strong psychological complex can shrink a person down, hold their behavior back, and steal their smile away. It can lead people to shy away from challenges and to spend their days looking into a mirror, creating a negative spiral that damages their self-esteem further. It is the job of the plastic surgeon to reverse this spiral, allowing the patient to become positive and outward-looking.

And when people seek to move ahead in society, putting their self-esteem and self-worth on the line, plastic surgery allows them to be their best selves and supports them as they make the most positive contribution to society they can. Through the medical treatments mentioned above, we can offer customers a fuller sense of beauty.

A varied group of people come to us for plastic surgery. At our clinic, we fully understand how life-changing our work is, and we conduct counseling and operations very carefully. The Ginza Sumire no Hana clinic conducts highly precise procedures, leaving our clients with a beautiful natural look, with features indistinguishable from how people look at birth. We strive to open opportunities for each and every one of our patients, so that they can live life with total confidence and contribute to their surroundings at full strength.

The “Sumire” of our clinic’s name refers to the violet flower, which in Japan’s language of flowers represents modesty, sincerity, and kindness. These perfectly match the long-held values of Japan’s medical profession. We always make sure that our procedures leave good outcomes over the long-term, meaning that we will never engage in extreme procedures, experimental shortcuts, or procedures that are anatomically suspect, even upon request.

Humility in medical treatment, sincerity to our patients: this is at the foundation of our clinic’s spirit. Anybody looking for the safety and peace of mind of Japanese medicine can come to Ginza Sumire no Hana and find a quintessentially Japanese hospitality and advanced level of technique.

We look forward to your visit.
Dr. Yokoyama, Director


Operations Offered at Ginza Sumire no Hana Clinic

Correcting rhinoplasty
– There are many cases of patients seeking corrections for operations from Korean and Chinese and all over the world. We will use photo inspection to analyze the current situation, then present to you the appropriate corrective procedure.

First-time rhinoplasty
– We offer a wide variety of operations, including nose heightening, nose tip molding, septal extension, and nostril reduction.

Procedures Around the Eyes
– Inner-eyelid incision, surgery for droopy eyes, removal of upper eyelid slack (eyebrow lift), removal of lower eyelid slack

– Chiseling (mandibular angle shaving, removal of the lower jaw’s lower border), cheekbone procedures (cheekbone shaving, cheekbone incision and inward shift)

– Hyaluronic acid, Botox

Injections and IVs
– Injections of high-concentration Vitamin C (prior exam is necessary), Vitamin C injection, placenta injection